Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part 23: Yet another barn

Barn #4, and hopefully final resting place. We stayed at Matt and Emily’s for as long as we could afford it, got some good training, but it was time to move to somewhere more permanent.
We had been familiar with this one barn for about a year, and had always wanted to move there, but were always committed somewhere else.
When the time came to move, we talked to the owner and he had 2 stalls opening up in a few weeks. Great that will work perfectly. We gave our notice to Matt and Emily and prepared for what would hopefully be our last move for a while.
We thought...
3 Days before we were supposed to move, we got a call that the horses who were vacating to open up stalls for us were now staying. We had no stalls to move to.
That’s when the panic set in. Our boys were soon to be homeless. 
We have a large basement, the horses could live there. The ceilings might be a little low for Pork Chop, but he can learn to crouch.
Barn Owner: “I feel real bad about this, I have a friend who has a farm 2 miles away. He has open stalls.”
When I heard this I had visions of Uncle Jed’s farm, with his 200 year old barn. Most of the holes in the roof are covered by tarps, but not all of them. The horses sharing a small muddy pasture with the chickens. I was not expecting much. If there was a nice place in the area, we would have heard of it.
But we didn’t have a lot of options, so we called and made an appointment to see the place.
We drove right by the entrance. It is not marked, no signs with the barn name on the road, and you can’t see the place when you drive by. Just an unmarked gravel road into the trees.
When we came through the trees, our jaws dropped. This is not Uncle Jed’s barn. This is the Taj Mahal of barns. This place is beautiful. This is the nicest barn we have ever seen.
The owner, Ed, is a great guy and showed us around. An indoor, and an outdoor arena. A round pen, large pastures, and 120 acres of wooded trails to ride through, with several creek crossings.
The indoor arena even has a “Big Ass” ceiling fan. I’m not being rude, That’s the name of the company, Big Ass Ceiling Fans.
I didn’t count, but I think there are 18 stalls... all vacant.
“Where are all the boarders?” I asked Ed.
“I don’t advertise.”
“What’s the name of your barn?”
“It doesn’t have one.”
This is very strange. Ed has built a first class facility, and just doesn’t seem to care, if he fills it up. Besides Ed’s horses, we are the only boarders.
We would find out later that Ed is involved in several businesses and doesn’t need the barn to generate income. He just does everything first class, and that’s how he built his barn.
So for now, we have the place all to ourselves.
Metro and Pork chop have their own stalls with a back door that opens into a paddock area they share. So they can be in their stalls or go into their “backyard”.
When we turned them loose in their new home, they ran from stall to paddock to stall and back. They were like 2 kids moving into a new home, deciding who would get what bedroom.
If there were beds in the stalls, they would have been jumping up and down on them.
Then Ed said. “Trail ride at 2 o’clock.”
We love it here already.


  1. What a beautiful facility! My jaw dropped when I saw the indoor ring - it's so bright and airy! All the ones I've ever ridden in you practically need a flashlight to see! LOL

  2. Wow! I think you hit the mother lode! That place is impressive.